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Why Xamarin.Android Not Have Tutorial in Firebase Documentation

hello i like but why when i search to documentation in firebase web site many tutorials in firebase web site for java script and also for c# but not working in my app and i see some videos in youtube but its not good and It worked for me but it is old and limited to retrive data from Firebase and send data. anyway Hope someone helps me with how to use Firebase with my application extensively, such as authentication, databases, and storage.
thanks for all xamarin members and team :smiley:<3B)

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  • CaptainPriceCaptainPrice Member ✭✭

    there is tutorial for xamarin.forms but its working in ?

  • CaptainPriceCaptainPrice Member ✭✭

    do you mean i can get the idea from android (java script) projects and And paraphrase to C#

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