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How to use -headerpad or -headerpad_max_install_names?

I've included a few dynamic libraries in my macOS project. After updating one of them to newer version I get this error:

/Users/usr/Dev/CrossPlatform.MacOS/MMP: Error: /Applications/ changing install names or rpaths can't be redone for: /Users/usr/CrossPlatform.MacOS/bin/Debug/ (for architecture x86_64) because larger updated load commands do not fit (the program must be relinked, and you may need to use -headerpad or -headerpad_max_install_names) (CrossPlatform.MacOS)

What are these flags for? Where and how can I add one so my app will start to build again?
I use Xamarin.Forms. Dylibs included in my project with build option "None". Then I've added each of them as "Native Reference" with Kind="Dynamic". None additional property was set. I use latest Visual Studio for Mac.

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