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Xamarin.Forms Microsoft Identity AAD login not showing UPN hint with WithLoginHint in iOS

sulayjsulayj Member ✭✭

I am working in Xamarin.Forms app and we have implemented Microsoft Identity AAD login in Xamarin.Forms.

Now we are using WithLoginHint to show the UPN login hint in login page as defined below.

acquireTokenInteractiveParameterBuilder = acquireTokenInteractiveParameterBuilder.WithParentActivityOrWindow(parentUIWindow) .WithLoginHint(UPN);

Above is working fine in Android. It is showing UPN hint while sign in but in iOS it is not showing UPN hint which I am passing to WithLoginHint.

Showing in Android.

Not showing in iOS.

Can anyone please help me and suggest the solution for iOS?


  • NicoleLuNicoleLu Member, Xamarin Team Xamurai

    Hi @sulayj sorry but this is more about AAD, there's not much Xamarin can do.
    To get a more professional support for Microsoft Identity, you can consider asking a question in Microsoft Q&A for Azure Identity, or, if you're using Microsoft.Identity.Client nuget package, you can also file an issue in this github repo.

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