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iOS redirects to blank safari using keypass and remembered credentials

I have a cross platform/application authentication using OIDC client, within my Xamarin solution this is triggered by Xamarin.Essentials.Authentication using the following guidance from Microsoft docs Xamarin.Essentials: Web Authenticator (could not link due to age of account)

Android will happily login with remembered credentials and both Android and iOS will authentication when entering the credentials manually.

iOS will not login when using remembered credentials or when I use a saved password from keypass.

I have used fiddler attached to the iPhone via proxy and can confirm that the call back is being fired, but the safari instance which is loaded just loads a blank page and does not navigate back to the application.

The application and browser doe not crash as clicking the cancel button on the blank page causes the call back to fire with user cancelled.

Has anyone had this issue using Authentication and OIDC client?

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