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Advice for a newbie about using SQLite to make a database GUI

AkelahAkelah Member ✭✭

Hi, I'm new to developing in Xamarin.Android (I developed an app before in Android Studio only), and my goal is to make a Android database GUI using SQLite. So this app will be a user-driven database builder where the user will be able to make their own tables and values/columns, just like any other database builder. Now, in my research on how to do this, I found that there are at least 3 different ways to integrate SQLite in C#:

1) using the Android.Database.SQLite SQLiteOpenHelper class
2) using Frank Kreuger's sqlite-net-pcl library
3) using SQLiteAsyncConnection class

So far, I've been using the SQLiteOpenHelper class, where I initialize and create the table and columns, and it's relatively easy to understand and work with. I, however am having trouble creating the table and columns dynamically because of user input, since the values and names and such need to be made statically, to an extent.

Basically, I would GREATLY appreciate any advice on how to go about this, which SQLite approach I could take, how to then integrate user input to the SQLite integration.

Please do not hesitate to ask me for any further clarification or questions. Even if there isn't any straight answer, I would love to take about this with you guys!

I am a student, and this is more-or-less for a student project, but this is still my idea on my own time.

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