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Application only working properly on emulator

Hello, I'm new to Xamarin development and I'm facing a problem that I can't solve.
I've created a project with only the default Xamarin welcome screen in it.
The problem is that when I run it on my device (Xiaomi Redmi Note 7 - Android 10) it isn't showing some of the content, but with the Android 10 emulator it's working fine.
I tried to test with different device with Android 10, but the problem remained.
The target framework is set to Android 10, the minimum version to 6.
I've also tried it with a 6 version device and it's working on it.
Is there some reference's or packages that I'm missing for Android 10 development?
I tried to search for some solution but so far I couldn't find anything yet.

I also made some screenshots to demonstrate the problem.





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