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Good night guys, I will try to describe my question to see if anyone can help me.

I am developing an app similar to WhatsApp, this is going very well, already sends text message, photo, audio and files.

I'm using Syncfusion's sfChat component. For audio messages and messages with files I created a custom data template ...

My question is as follows, when I receive (via signalR) a file-type message I add it (message and file information) to my local bank, then I call a function that will try to download the file (outside signalR) , this function is asynchronous and only downloads the file, so far everything works. The question is that the message enters the chat but the file may not have finished downloading yet, how to put a visual indicator of the download?

I don't know how to "tie" this function with a progress bar for example. Without downloading it automatically and putting a button to do it I can do it, but the way I'm trying to do it I don't know if it's possible.

n WhatsApp, when you receive a message that has a large file, a download progress indicator automatically appears, more than that, if you leave the conversation and go to another conversation and then return the indicator remains there while the download is not finished. ..

Can anyone give me a light?


  • harrycallumharrycallum Member ✭✭

    That would great idea for you to developing an app like WhatsApp and I would also advise you to have a look into this OGWhatsApp Apk which is a modified version of WhatsApp and it is also developed from same script of WhatsApp.

  • AwesomeScottBAwesomeScottB Member

    Have you already figured it out, or not yet?

  • RodrigoGimenezRodrigoGimenez USMember ✭✭

    Not yet

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