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UWP Roadmap and its future

Hi @all

New to Xamarin here and likely to get balls rolling having had a fantastic experience setting-up the required dev environment lately. One aspect of the Xamarin package that isn't clear to me, however, is the future of UWP. I've understood from 'rumors' that the MS Store, game platforms and others now host win32 as much as uwp apps, and from the sentiment I'm getting; win32 is preferred (again, info based on unofficial news feeds, what do I know...).

With that being said, and if that's the case, what does this all mean for the future of UWP? Any "official" roadmap we can take a look at?


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  • GTCGTC Member ✭✭

    I gather from your response that the reason win32 is somehow preferred is due to the lack of knowledge about the fundamental capabilities and power of UWP. Good to be reminded, appreciate your answer

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