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View wont show elements in specific screen resolution

I was wondering if someone has encounter this before?
It is so strange, and I dont know where to start from with solving the issue.
I have a single code base for iOS and Android application, and it all works OK, except for when the application is runing on a specific resolution (2400x1080) on a Android device. First view is login view and it always show ok. After login in the application loads 3 TabbedPages, and shows the main page. Here is where it all goes sideways, when I open another page it is white, and only the bottom bar is visible. I can go back to the first page and it is fully visible.

I found a way to force the views to show. That happens if I set a Navigation.PushPopupAsync(SomePopupPage) in the OnAppearing() method of a view that is breaking (for ex the other tabbed page). This will make all my views visible again.

If I change the screen resolution to 1600x720 or 3200x1440 the application works ok again.

Any idea where to start looking for answers?


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  • jezhjezh Member, Xamarin Team Xamurai

    I created a emulator (2400x1080) and did a test, but I couldn't reproduce this question.

    Could you please post some code snippets so that we can try to reproduce this question on our side?

  • spire_jankulovskispire_jankulovski Member ✭✭
    edited September 2020

    Hi @jezh
    Here is a link to a video with the issue. Had to put 2 spaces in the link to be able to post it.
    Link to video -> https: // ClpzQbqZ#8zAIN5LTvi8MyDIG_xApRUxwIJNbbB-OticV5Mc7Q_Y

    This is recorded on Samsung S20+. I can also provide an apk of the application so you can test it internally if that helps.
    I think this is not a code issue, reason for this statement is that the application has been on the market for 4 years, and it works on every other screen resolution.
    But if you have any idea what (codewise) can cause this issue please point me so I can investigate.
    My first thought was that there might be some difference in the icons in the drawable folders that would cause a strange behaviour - but that is not the case, all folders have same number of icons with right sizes. Almost all views in the application are drawn with XAML. My next step would be to check if creating a view with C# will be unaffected.

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