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Behaviors.Forms Command not Executing

PrisonerZ3ROPrisonerZ3RO Member ✭✭
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I am attempting to upgrade an existing Xamarin project to the latest versions of various libraries. The Xamarin forms themselves live in a shared .NET Standard library. My page has a ListView on it & I am attempting to capture the event fired when an item is 'chosen'. However, the ICommand in my ViewModel is not executing.

Could you someone possibly take a look at my StackOverflow Question on this?


  • I am using Xamarin.Forms 4.8...but had to downgrade Behaviors.Forms to 1.3 because the code is in a .NET Standard library.
  • If I upgrade to Behaviors.Forms 1.4 a design-time error occurs.
  • However, ICommands are not executing
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