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BTOUCH : error BI1079: bgen: Do not know how to make a signature for Google.MobileAds.GADAdSize*

Motoko89Motoko89 USMember ✭✭

Here is the definition in Objective-C:

      #define GAD_BOXABLE __attribute__((objc_boxable))

      typedef struct GAD_BOXABLE GADAdSize GADAdSize;

      struct GAD_BOXABLE GADAdSize {
          CGSize size;
          NSUInteger flags;

Here is what Objectvie Sharpie give me:

interface AdSizeConstants
    // extern const GADAdSize kGADAdSizeBanner __attribute__((visibility("default")));
    [Field("kGADAdSizeBanner", "__Internal")]
    GADAdSize Banner { get; }

public struct GADAdSize
    private CGSize size;

    private nuint flags;

Could someone please give me some pointers to how to fix this?

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