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Xamarion.iOS CoreBluetooth BLE app crashes on iPhone 10

dbelldbell Member ✭✭
edited September 2020 in Xamarin.iOS

I need to add BLE to my Xamarin.ios app.
But Xamarin.ios CoreBluetooth example app from github: crashes on my iPhone.

Visual Studio on Windows 10, paired with macbook pro
Download wojciech-kulik/Sample-Projects from github:
open Sample-Projects-master\Xamarin.iOS\BluetoothTest\bLUETOOTH tEST.SLN
Pair with Mac
Select and debug on iPhone 10 Crashes. See attached Output of crash.
iPhone is provisioned and runs my other Xamarin.iOS apps.

Have tried restarting all devices.

Attached is VS Output during crash

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