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Testing beta versions of iOS/Android

HowellPeeblesHowellPeebles USMember ✭✭

I currently have an app on the App Store written in Swift that I am rebuilding in Xamarin Forms. My app had an issue that I found in the beta for iOS 14 and fixed before iOS 14 is released. Will that be possible using Xamarin? As far as I can see I am not able to test that the app I'm building in Xamarin Forms on iOS 14 (or upcoming Android versions).

What is the best practice for testing Xamarin.Forms on beta versions?



  • HowellPeeblesHowellPeebles USMember ✭✭

    Is it just not possible? I don't feel like I shouldn't continue trying to convert my apps to Xamarin if it isn't possible to fix issues on the current iOS version until Xamarin has caught up. That could mean having to live with a bug in my app for weeks on the App Store. Am I missing something?

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