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Distribute Binding Library (iOS & Android Binding Libraries)

We have 2 binding libraries, iOS (binds .framework) and Android (binds .aar).

Currently, we ship those bindings manually (we share the AppDefinition.cs, .framework & .aar), our client process is the following:

  1. Open their project.
  2. Add Solution (Binding Library)
  3. Download the native library.
  4. Fill the AppDefinition.cs.
  5. Add Native Reference to the native libraries.

What we want to do is merge both the binding libraries into a single library, and distribute it through NuGet. So our client would install and control versions easily. So far, we're stuck in which type of library to choose (following screenshot), and how to reference our binding libraries there.

1. Which type of library should we choose to distribute iOS and Android Binding Libraries as a single package.
2. Reference to docs if it's already there.

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