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What are the best libraries for Charts

What are the good chart libraries for Xamarin.MacOs? I have been researching and I haven't been able to found something other than OxyPlot. I was just wondering what the community is using?
Also, if you are using OxyPlot, are you satisfied with it?



  • WindyhenWindyhen USMember ✭✭

    Hi I use some charts from syncfusion, quite decent and easy to use, moreover it has open source edition.

    Hope this helps.

  • sayfeesayfee Member

    I have looked into SyncFusion but I haven't found proper documentation for MacOS. I thought SyncFusion is required license, are you saying that you don't need that?
    Thanks a lot

  • ColeXColeX Member, Xamarin Team Xamurai
    edited September 2020

    Take a look at Microcharts , the plugin based on SkiaSharp library , it supports Xamarin.Macos .

    Simple Usage

    public override void ViewDidLoad()
       // ... our chart data and chart type here ...
       var chartView = new ChartView
               Frame = View.Bounds,
               AutoresizingMask = NSViewResizingMask.WidthSizable | NSViewResizingMask.HeightSizable,
               Chart = chart,
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