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Xamarin - The project is missing Android SDKs required for building

raghu1234raghu1234 Member

I downloaded a fresh copy of Visual Studio 2019 Professional Edition. For installation, I selected only the Xamarin workload for mobile development. I created a new Xamarin.Forms project and it immediately gives the following error:

When I double click the message, I am prompted to Accept the Android SDK License Agreement. I click accept, and nothing changes, I just keep repeating those steps.

Navigating to the Android SDK Manager shows an empty list with an error:

All the solutions I have found online have not worked for me:

Tried Reinstalling
Enable "Auto-Install Android SDKs" in Xamarin options
Run Visual Studio as Administrator
Create custom AndroidSdkManager.exe.config file
Uninstall and re-install Visual Studio
Verified JAVA_HOME variable is set correctly

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