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Xamarin vs Unity for 2d diagram paint tool

AlexbbAlexbb Member


Is Xamarin suitable for diagram paint tool, where user can

  • draw basic shapes like rhombuses, squares, rectangles
  • connect them with lines
  • select drawn shapes, resize and drag'n'drop them
  • also user can draw free forms like in MS Paint

App must work on a tablet (like ipad, MS surface go) and support touch events and stylus (like apple pencil).

Could you please let me know what library/classes is suitable for this task.
SkiaSharp is for that?
http s://
There is information In a Xamarin blog that now Xamarin have build in shapes - is this feature suitable?
http s://

There is an example with UIGraphics classes namespace
http s://
It is possible to draw free forms on UIImageView. It is some library needed for touch/click events on drawn shapes, resize and drag'n'drop.

Please point me to the right direction.

Also, I was told Unity can be used for such App, and many 2d games like puzzles created with Unity. Maybe Unity is best choice for this task?

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