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How does one Cancel a subscription in In App Billing?

blmilesblmiles Member ✭✭


I'm using this billing plugin:
and the code is here:

Developed by @JamesMontemagno

If anyone has good knowledge of that plugin/API, here's the dilemma...

My app is required to allow a user to cancel a subscription.
There does not seem to be any method to do so.

I do see a purchase.State property and PurchaseState.Canceled value but no further documentation or sample on actually canceling the subscription with the respective store from within the app. How to use the AutoRenewing property would be very useful too.

Can someone please point out how to CANCEL a subscription? And set a purchase to AutoRenew?

Further to that, I also see a PurchaseState.FreeTrial

My app has a 14 day trial period but I'm not using that state value.
Methinks using the PurchaseState.FreeTrial on a purchase to initiate/monitor the trial period would be better than what I've implemented NOT using the In App Billing API.

Is there any sample on how best to use that?



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