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Should we use AppCenter or Application Insights for Logging on Phones?

Is there a definitive answer on this from Microsoft?

Is there a resource on this?

There is no reason why we shouldn't log to Application Insights but most Xamarin apps tend to log to AppCenter as the default option. It doesn't provide very detail log or querying capability. Also, it's better to keep logs in a central location so that they can be correlated with backend telemetry data.

Yet, I hear things like the app insights SDK is too heavy for phones, or that app insights uses too much bandwidth. Can Microsoft please give us some official guidance here?


  • LandLuLandLu Member, Xamarin Team Xamurai

    Application Insights could help us monitor or analyze mobile applications because it integrates App Center:
    Indeed, App Center doesn't provide the capability for querying data but it has other capabilities like build, test, and distribution, etc...
    You also mentioned that Application Insights is too heavy. This is because it could integrate other SDKs.
    It's hard to say which one is preferred. It depends on specific requirements.

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