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Looking for Almicantarat internal testers on google play

jddjdd USMember ✭✭✭
edited August 23 in Xamarin.Forms


after several years of coding, I am ready to release my Xamarin.Forms app, Almicantarat, on Google play as a first step.
Almicantarat helps sailors to find their position at sea by shooting the stars with a sextant.
Because my app will not be free, it seems I cannot release a free open alpha or beta test. The only way to make it free is to make a internal test.
It would be great that people from the xamarin forum were testing my app to give an opinion on the way I have used Xamarin.
If you wish to test my app, I would appreciate that you send me your email adress by private post to add it to the list of internal testers on google play.

You can see a demo of Almicantarat on youtube:

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