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Upgrade hell...UWP support

Hello all. I'm working on a cross-platform Xamarin app and I had it mostly where I wanted in terms of IP but it was done in VS 2017. I decided to be a good boy and upgrade it to VS 2019 in part just to be on point with the latest versions of all VS and NuGet packages but also because I needed the email feature. I also use SKiaSharp for graphics. After opening it and converting it to VS 2019 it won't compile and there are lots of errors relating to obscure Android files with names that are too long and lots of other inscrutable ones as well. I then reasoned "Well, the proof of concept system is small enough that I can cut and paste the relevant code into a new project." I created a new project and, lo and behold, I cannot use a tabbed page on the UWP platform. The UWP platform is central to my plans and I find it astounding that MS would advertise cross-platform functionality and then drop its own platform from the mix, especially as I'm a longtime VS C++/C# programmer who hopes to end my programming days using VS. 2 questions: 1.) Is this a TOTAL HOSE JOB from MS to people who've made the effort to get fluent in Xamarin with the hopes of creating apps for Android, IOS and UWP??? 2.) What are my page navigation options with a Blank App? I don't care if I use a menu, tabs, whatever....I just need to have 4 pages in the app with an intuitive way to navigate between them. Thanks in advance!

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