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Calling MainPage Function from Android App does not work if MainPage is NavigationPage

1mike1mike Member


In my Android Project I am trying to call a function on the MainPage like this:

(App.Current.MainPage as MainPage)?.ProcessResults(r);

The code compiles but when I execute the code, (App.Current.MainPage as MainPage) is null.

In my App.xaml.cs, my constructor code looks like this:

        public App()

            MainPage = new NavigationPage(new MainPage());

However, if I change the following line in the constructor from:

MainPage = new NavigationPage(new MainPage());

MainPage = new MainPage();

(App.Current.MainPage as MainPage)?.ProcessResults(r);


How can I get (App.Current.MainPage as MainPage)?.ProcessResults(r); to work when MainPage = new NavigationPage(new MainPage());?


Best Answer


  • 1mike1mike Member

    Both solutions you provided solved my problem. I like the MessageCenter functionality better so I changed to that. Thanks!!

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