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Facing issue with VS 8.7.2 (build 4)

jijovkmjijovkm Member ✭✭

I am using VS for developing mac application, i recently updated VS to 8.7.2, after that whenever i opened Xcode and did some changes, all the custom class that i created and mapped in that storyboard will regenerated in VS while sync. Eg: I have a storyboard named Aa.storyboard inside resources/Base.proj and a custom class for NSbutton called NiceButton.cs, that i used inside Aa storyboard for beautification of a button. Whenever i opened Aa storyboard and did a small changes and after sync with Xcode, VS automatically creates a folder named Base.proj inside root folder and add the NiceButton.cs in it. I upgraded Xcode to 11.6 and OSX to 10.15.6, but still issue exists.

Is there any way to downgrade VS, i am blocked because of this. Please help me

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