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Deep zoom on huge image

IMikkeIIMikkeI Member ✭✭


I'm trying to display a huge image on my application (50000x2048)
I use SkiaSharp with the SKCanvasView and when I want to draw the image with the corresponding size of canvas, I have the following exception : "Canvas: trying to draw too large(263700000bytes) bitmap"

I seems that the size limit depends on the device used (available memory I guess ?).
I have opened this image with the android picture viewer and it displays it by doing a sort of deep zoom on the image. Bad quality when I zoom and the image is reconstucted in full quality after a few time.

Is someone know how to implement it or if there's a component able to do it ?
(And for my knowledge, how to know the size limit of the canvas ? )

Thanks for any help.


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