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Video Compression in Xamarin.Forms

NeerajGoelNeerajGoel USMember ✭✭

I am using Xam.Plugin.Media to get video from camera/gallery now i need to get the size of that video also i need to compress the size. Please suggest how to get Media File size and how to compress media in Xamarin.Forms

Thanks in Advance.


  • NehalOSamaFahmyNehalOSamaFahmy Member ✭✭
    `  var file = await CrossMedia.Current.PickVideoAsync();
                            if (file != null)
                                stream = file.GetStream();
                                byte[] result;
                                using (var streamReader = new MemoryStream())
                                   result = streamReader.ToArray();
                                   var length= result.Length


    that code to get length but i still search about how compress video i didn't found any solution please if found post it

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