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Which VS2019 extensions are you using for your xamarin development?

batmacibatmaci DEMember ✭✭✭✭✭

Here is my experience with extensions;

  • I used long time Jetbrains Resharper but so frustrated recently, VS2019 becomes so slow and crashing regularly because of this extension. It brings a lot of good features especially for my C# code in viewmodels. you can tidy up things with it is roslyn analyzers. But it has no good help for Xaml. Jetbrains teams is also not active to support xamarin and xaml in general.
  • Mfractor; great tool indeed. Especially i love the xaml help. You can generate shared styles from hard coded properties. You can try 30 days for free but there are free open source extensions doing similar job and even better.
  • CodeMaid; i use this resharper alternative to clean up my C# code. VS2019 does actually most of the things it does.
  • XamlStyler; Mfractor alternative for free. it does what resharper and mfractor does. at least the things you need.
  • VSColorOutput; If you are doing especially Tizen development, you will be working with Output so much :D you need also for your Android output.
  • Rapid Xaml Toolkit; this is my favorite these days. a lot of good features as open source. Combined extension of all others. Still in preview. I am also new on this, i will be testing in next days.

let me know which extension do you use and why?

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