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WindowSoftInputMode="Resize" SHELL issues

xav056xav056 Member ✭✭
edited July 23 in Xamarin.Forms
I have a login screen with two entry fields for email and password with a login button.
I am using WindowSoftInputmode in android to make sure the entries are visible when the soft keyboard is displayed.
I am using The Xarin Forms Shell with bottom Navigation(tabbar). When the keyboard is displayed the bottom bar is being pushed up and displayed above the keyboard.
Any idea how I can tackle this issue and make sure my bottom navigation is not displayed above the keyboard?


  • xav056xav056 Member ✭✭
    edited July 24

    Here is a screenshot of what I mean to clarify

    and here is a screenshot when the keyboard is up (Undesirable Bottom navigation displayed on top of keyboard)

    in the code of that page I have this

  • xav056xav056 Member ✭✭
    Anyone, can it be that complicated?
  • xav056xav056 Member ✭✭


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