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Accesing local server using Resharp

Je12emyJe12emy Member ✭✭

I am in progress of implementing a searchView but before I do that I would like to successfully reach my local rest api (written using core). I found a package named RestSharp which seems to make consuming a rest api very simple. Right now I am stuck at accessing my api from my Xamarin.Android application. I am using a fragment which makes use of google maps, at the OnCreateView lifecycle method I am calling a addData which is supposed to reach out to my api:

public override View OnCreateView(LayoutInflater inflater, ViewGroup container, Bundle savedInstanceState)
            // Use this to return your custom view for this Fragment
            //base.OnCreateView(inflater, container, savedInstanceState);
            View view = inflater.Inflate(Resource.Layout.activity_main, container, false);
            // Initialize Views
            _listView = view.FindViewById<ListView>(Resource.Id.searchList);
            _seachView = view.FindViewById<SearchView>(Resource.Id.searchView);
            return view;
        public void addData() {
            var client = new RestClient("");
            var request = new RestRequest("/api/Ruta", DataFormat.Json);
            var response = client.Get(request);
        // More code

According to How can I access my local REST api from my android device?, can be used to access my machines localhost:PORT. But this does not seem to trigger a break point inside the rest api's solution (Already tested with Postman).

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