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Using message pack in xamarin forms

I'm trying to use Message Pack in Xamarin forms used the AOT tool too. But still, the Operation not supported in platform exception is thrown in Xamarin.Forms (iOS).

Steps followed:

Installed mpc tool.
Used don't mpc -i "{FormsProject.csproj path}" -o "{FormsProject directory path}"
Added the created message pack generated class to the forms project.
Used the following code in App.xaml.cs Initialize method


Also using System.Drawing.Drawing2D.Matrix throws the following error

[MonoDroid]   at MessagePa07-10 18:06:01.269 I/MonoDroid(13495): MessagePack.MessagePackSerializationException: Failed to deserialize Project.Core.Models.SomeData Class value. ---> System.TypeInitializationException: The type initializer for 'FormatterCache`1' threw an exception. ---> MessagePack.Internal.MessagePackDynamicObjectResolverException: can't find public constructor. type:System.Drawing.Drawing2D.Matrix
[MonoDroid]   at MessagePack.Internal.ObjectSerializationInfo.CreateOrNull (System.Type type, System.Boolean forceStringKey, System.Boolean contractless, System.Boolean allowPrivate) [0x009a0] in <23c4c9b023514c20801c8f07fd69206c>:0 
[MonoDroid]   at MessagePack.Internal.DynamicObjectTypeBuilder.BuildType (MessagePack.Internal.DynamicAssembly assembly, System.Type type, System.Boolean forceStringKey, System.Boolean contractless) [0x00015] in <23c4c9b023514c20801c8f07fd69206c>:0 

Created a SO query and Github issue for the same.

Any help could be great.

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