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Has anyone managed to submit a xamarin.mac app to app store recently?

kadirismkadirism TRMember

I have a xamarin.mac app, which I'm trying to submit to app store. But I just can't make it work.
First, I can't sign the application bundle in xamarin, because for some reason, the 'Mac Signing' options are grayed out. (I can see my signing keys in keychain, I can submit a dummy native swift app with the same bundle id from xcode.)
So I create an unsigned xcarchive file, and try to upload it with xcode.
This time I get an error which says my executable must include the entitlement.
But I can't put that entitlement in my entitlements.plist file, because entitlements.plist textbox is grayed out too.

Has anyone managed to submit a xamarin.mac app to app store? Can anyone point me to the right direction how to submit a xamarin.mac app?


  • kadirismkadirism TRMember

    ok I solved it.

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