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Having issues with Xamarin.Essentials.SMS

Hi, I have come across an issue where when using XE SMS, if the user selects Facebook Messenger to send the created SMS message, the FBM app fails to load & the SMS fails to send. Is there a way to avoid giving the user an option on SMS client and go straight to the system default?


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  • PatrickFlaherty_IrePatrickFlaherty_Ire USMember ✭✭

    Hi Jarvan

    Thanks. I was using a much older version of Essentials. I guess that may have been an issue as other people have returned back to me saying that they are getting a choice, despite the fact they have a default SMS app. I have upgraded and I cant seem to replicate this issue so thank you for the help.

  • PatrickFlaherty_IrePatrickFlaherty_Ire USMember ✭✭

    Hi Jarvan, funny enough after the upgrade and ensuring the default app was set, it is still asking me to pick between 2...

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