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Execute individual Xamarin.UiTests in Appcenter based on the OS

We have a mobile application that works on both Android and iOS.
I have test cases that I have automated using Xamarin.UITests and NUnit. I execute these tests in Appcenter as part of a Azure DevOps build pipeline. The automated test scripts are common to both Android and iOS i.e., when the build pipeline is triggered, the test scripts are executed in both Android and iOS devices in Appcenter. Now I would like to filter individual test cases and make them execute only for either Android or iOS devices. For example: If there are 10 test scripts in total, I would like to run 8 of them in Android and only 2 of them in iOS. These test scripts are distributed between different test fixtures so using Platform.iOS and Platform.Android attributes along with TestFixture is ruled out. So please let me know for any other suggested methods.

Thanks in advance.

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