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Xamarin WebView loose the cookies

ClubberLangClubberLang BEMember ✭✭

I have a Xamarin application, this one contains a WebView.

The page I navigate to add some cookies, not only at load but also with some dynamic Javascript, the problem is when I leave and restart the application, all my cookies are lost! I don't know why they are not persisted by default! I'm surprised about this behavior!

Currently, I have a custom renderer for both IOS & Android, so one possible solution is to retrieve all the cookies when we leave a page, but I cannot
find any event called when we leave a page :-(

PS: I know that some peoples are playing with WebView, but I can't find a way to persist/restore the cookies created by the web site I browse too!
Noticed that I'm interested only by Android & IOS.

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