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symbolsPath symbolsMappingTxtFile How do I set those Appcenter distribution task azure

learningMobilelearningMobile USMember ✭✭
edited June 2020 in General

I would like to know how you set the properties on an Azure Task for debugging symbols for both android and apple?

  • task: [email protected]
    #symbolsOption: 'Apple' # Optional. Options: apple
    #symbolsPath: # Optional
    #symbolsPdbFiles: '**/*.pdb' # Optional
    #symbolsDsymFiles: # Optional
    #symbolsMappingTxtFile: # Optional
    #symbolsIncludeParentDirectory: # Optional

what is "Relative path from the repo root to the APK or IPA file you want to publish" any sample please.

Also from a security point of view. Should we no bother with symbols?

Hope is clear enough

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