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Error CS0534 "CurrentCity" does not implement the inherited abstract member

blue_riverblue_river Member ✭✭
edited June 2020 in Xamarin.Android

When building an xamarin binding library project from a Java library, the following error occurs during generation:
Error CS0534 "CurrentCity" does not implement the inherited abstract member "MessageMicro.MergeFrom(CodedInputStreamMicro)"......

Java code:

public abstract class MessageMicro
     public abstract MessageMicro mergeFrom(CodedInputStreamMicro paramCodedInputStreamMicro) throws IOException;

public final class CurrentCity extends MessageMicro
    //Implement the parent class member "mergeFrom"
    public CurrentCity mergeFrom(CodedInputStreamMicro paramCodedInputStreamMicro) throws IOException
        while (true) {
            int i = paramCodedInputStreamMicro.readTag();
            switch (i)
                case 0:
                    return this;


I opened the ...\obj\Debug\generated\src\xxx.MessageMicro.cs file and found that the generated C# code is:

public abstract global::Com.Google.Protobuf.Micro.MessageMicro MergeFrom (global::Com.Google.Protobuf.Micro.CodedInputStreamMicro p0);

public override unsafe global::Com.Google.Protobuf.Micro.MessageMicro MergeFrom (global::Com.Google.Protobuf.Micro.CodedInputStreamMicro p0)
    const string __id = "mergeFrom.(Lcom/google/protobuf/micro/CodedInputStreamMicro;)Lcom/google/protobuf/micro/MessageMicro;";
    try {

How to solve this problem, will metadata.xml be used?, thank you

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