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Plugin BLE Discovery when Android phone enters OnSleep

sisaackssisaacks Member ✭✭✭

Hello All, I am facing a major issue that is slightly frustrating. I have an application that is both Android and IOS. I am using the Plugin BLE. Everything works fine, until the Android phone times out and the app goes into sleep mode. I have googled and googled and googled, no matter what setting i set on the phone, the app still goes into sleep mode. The app will still work for the devices that are currently connected...but Plugin BLE will not longer discover new devices or devices that have lost connection.

I have read about creating an Android service...which I dont really understand....because the Plugin BLE is shared across both platforms and adding a service for android seems like it would negate that concept.

I have been combing the forums, I even reached out to the creator of Plugin BLE but no one has responded.

Any assistance with this would be truly appreciated.

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