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How to create a radio button list in xamarin form?

almuneerkhanalmuneerkhan Member ✭✭
edited May 28 in Xamarin.Forms

Hi Team,

I am very new to Xamarin and C#, please read the following and help me.

I have a listview and loaded some checkboxes in that listview, on listview item selected I have to checked the checkbox?

And on checkbox click, How to call listview itemselected?

if possible i have to uncheck other checkboxes also.

Anybody have an idea?

Thanks in advance

Best Answer


  • mknsxmxmknsxmx Member

    I have followed the answer step by step and it is very efficient, however, why is the first element in my ListView, even though the value of the "IsSelected" property is always equal to True, is automatically changed to False?

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