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June 18th 2020 - Minneapolis, MN - [Online] The Future of Xamarin

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Join us for our virtual online only event in June sponsored by ILM Professional Services. This is a FREE event and a great opportunity for networking and the latest insights in mobile development.

RSVP Here: Minnesota Enterprise Mobile on Meetup

June Topic - The Future of Xamarin

For too long, Xamarin developers have been using old tools. But thanks to .NET 5 and the introduction of MAUI in .NET 6, everything is going to change!

.NET MAUI is an exciting new framework to create native iOS and Android apps in .NET using C# Hot Reload, a Fluent API syntax and the MVU architecture.

Join me in this session where we'll discuss that new fun changes are coming for Xamarin, introduce .NET MAUI, the MVU architecture and show off the power of C# Hot Reload!

Presented by Brandon Minnick
Brandon is a Developer Advocate at Microsoft where he gets to work closely with the developer community and help fellow mobile app and cloud developers make 5-star apps.

An avid mobile app developer, Brandon loves to code and has contributed to and published countless apps!

About the Group
Led by local developers, the Minnesota Enterprise Mobile User Group is a place to come together to share knowledge, experiences, and lessons learned with the development community regarding enterprise mobile development, with a focus on mobile cross-platform application development and the Xamarin toolset. Our goal is to cover all areas of the Enterprise Mobile landscape.

Thursday, June 18th
5:30 - 6:00 PM - Social time featuring good food and beverages
6:00 - ~7:30 PM - Presentation and Discussion

This is an online only virtual meeting. We are NOT meeting in person in Edina

This meeting is sponsored by ILM Professional Services.

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