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Xamarin Android Speech to Text with Custom time out

dharamdharam INMember ✭✭

i have already implementated Speech to Text without Dialog as per given below link in xamarin android platform

but my issue is i never get any best solution which increase silence time between two word or i already know about

RecognizerIntent.ExtraSpeechInputCompleteSilenceLengthMillis and RecognizerIntent.ExtraSpeechInputPossiblyCompleteSilenceLengthMillis and RecognizerIntent.ExtraSpeechInputMinimumLengthMillis

and other RecognizerIntent properties also but any of them never worked smoothly like default android keyboard speech-recognizer worked , i want look like same in app which default given in android keyboard behavior of speech-recognizer also need same ,
i appreciate if any one help me to rid out of me from this issue i had spent very long time for this.

Thanks in advance

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