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Why is the rotated image being drawn?

acejack15acejack15 Member ✭✭
edited May 24 in Xamarin.Forms

Greetings friends, I am developing an app where the user browses on their device to select an image and this is drawn on a canvas, I am using skiasharp for this, the problem is that I use the app on a Redmi I notice 8 and it works well but I use it on a Galaxy E7 android 5.1 and rotate the image draws it horizontally, I am using images with 90 degree rotation metadata but in the redmi everything is fine I do not understand why this happens in the galaxy E7, I appreciate any help

    `if (libraryBitmap.Height > libraryBitmap.Width)
                canvasView2.HeightRequest = 400;
                canvasView2.WidthRequest = 1000;
                canvasView2.HeightRequest = 300;
                canvasView2.WidthRequest = 1000;
            libraryBitmap_heigth = libraryBitmap.Height;
            libraryBitmap_width = libraryBitmap.Width;
            float left = 0;
            float top = 0;
            float right = info.Width;
            float bottom = info.Height;
            SKRect rect = new SKRect(left, top, right, bottom);
            App.ScreenHeight = info.Height;
            App.ScreenWidth = info.Width;

            canvas.DrawBitmap(libraryBitmap, rect);`
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