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Check Box crashes while loading

VikasithaVikasitha Member ✭✭

Hi guys
We have been working with xamarin.forms 2.5 for many years but recently we decided to upgrade xamarin.forms in to 4.6 (latest version) and converted portable library in to .net core (.net Standard 2.1)
right now we have all the latest versions including visual studio (2019 16.5.4).
We are no trying convert our custom made tools in to xamarin.forms tools such as ImageButton, Checkbox and Radio Button
ImageButton so far successful with conversion but when we tried to use Xamarin.Forms checkbox this issue occurs while loading the page

and error also doesn't say much to resolve
Do you have any suggestion we should do here?


  • AnubhavRanjanAnubhavRanjan INXamarin Team Xamurai

    @Vikasitha Can you post the code which is cropped out?
    Need to know more about the calling page object where the exception is happening.




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  • VikasithaVikasitha Member ✭✭

    Hi @AnubhavRanjan Thanx for the reply
    Well, the design flow is -> we have a header.xaml view which called in mainpage.xaml page

    header.xaml is

    and we have called it in the main page as

    This where we call main page within our login method

    now that I have set some properties but even without any property it gives the same issue

    and not even this page but any other page whenever we use checkbox it tend to gives the same error

  • VikasithaVikasitha Member ✭✭

    Any Update one this?

  • AnubhavRanjanAnubhavRanjan INXamarin Team Xamurai

    @Vikasitha Can you open a free ticket here?

    You can mention my name and I will look into this directly

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