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Development of Xamarin design on cloud @Covid19 situation

CoolsamaCoolsama Member

Hi Community members,

I am new to Xamarin and looking for some assistance on environment to learn design on Xamarin using XAML.

What I have now
Windows 7 SP1 pc, Visual studio 2107 installed, Action Pack with £75 Azure credit every month

What issue I am facing
Unable to install the XAMARIN environment on VS 2017 within windows 7. I couldn't install VS 2019 not helpful as it failed to install, so have to get a new PC with windows 10. Knowing the situation of Covid19 we can't order new PC or Laptop due to restricted couriers and shops in south India.

What I am looking for
Cloud environment to install VS 2019 and start learning Xamarin designs. ( I can't afford Azure VMwares as they are expensive) also tried to install vmware images but failing to install.** Looking any Microsoft development environment on cloud** like trial Or anything I can get with Action pack would be much appreciated.

Please assist, advance thanks.

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