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BLE Plug in Android 9 - Samsung Vs Nokia/Huawei - Lower driver issue

We have been developing an Xamarin mobile app and it's been very stable, recently we have been testing on Nokia/Huawei phones and we cannot bond to the phone via the application or within the phone Bluetooth menu settings. Using the same mobile app we able to successful bond using a Samsung phone, so odd it's it works on one brand of phone and not another.

We have reverted to using this test mobile application "bluettoothle" and still having the same problems, we are sure it's an issue within the low level driver but cannot work out my it works for a Samsung phone and not a Nokia/Huawei phone. To make the situation even more confusing, we have an old tablet using API 27 and that bonds to our module without any problems.

I have noticed some issues on the debug log and was I was wondering if any one had experienced a similar problem using these phones and any potential solutions?

Debug messages

Warning (1113) / BroadcastQueue: Background execution not allowed: receiving Intent { act=android.bluetooth.device.action.BOND_STATE_CHANGED flg=0x10 (has extras) } to
Warning (1113) / ActivityManager: Sending non-protected broadcast from system pkg
Info (2780) / bt_btif bt interface: get_connection_state bd_addr=6a:ed:de:::**
Error (2780) / bt_stack: [] bta_gattc_deregister: Deregister Failed unknown client cif
Error (2780) / bt_stack: [] bta_gattc_deregister: Deregister Failed unknown client cif

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