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Bluetooth BLE communication between two mobile devices

dugguduggu USMember ✭✭

Hello friends,

I'm trying to test Bluetooth BLE communication between two mobile devices (Android). I'm using Shiny.BluetoothLE plugin (previously known as ACR Reactive BluetoothLE Plugin). As I understand from the BLE docs, in-order to setup BLE between two mobile devices - we need to setup one as a GATT server and other one as Client. I tried the same and created a GATT server app (code taken from Shiny Sample App):

I've deployed this app to one mobile device and able to make it as GATT Server by advertising the sample service & characteristics with LocalName as ShinyTest11. Please see the attached screenshot where it continuously updates the LastValue field with the DateTime ticks.

On the other mobile device, I tried to scan both using device in-built Bluetooth Settings Page or through a Shiny Sample app (Central) but I'm unable to see either Local Name (i.e. ShinyTest11) or Service UUID (i.e. A495FF19-C5B1-4B44-B512-1370F02D74DE) of my GATT server. However, it shows the Bluetooth Device Name (e.g. realmeX2Pro) of the first device under the scan results along with other neighbour devices. I've also tried to scan with couple of other Android mobile devices and iPhone but the result is same.

Is there anything I'm missing or moving in the wrong direction?




    @duggu Hello, {lease I have a problem in using shiny mee too, do you found any solution for this problem? Thank you

  • ScouserScouser USMember ✭✭

    Hi, few months later, I have the exact same problem, any solutions?

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