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How do I make this code simpler?

Yusuf_AYusuf_A Member ✭✭


I always need to access the properties of other buttons, I know there's a simpler way to do it.

In this example I want to mark one button and unmark other buttons

            button01.BorderWidth = 0;
            button2.BorderWidth = 0;
            button3.BorderWidth = 0;
            button4.BorderWidth = 0;
        button5.BorderWidth = 0;
            button6.BorderWidth = 0;

            // add border to this button
            Button btn = (Button)sender;     
            btn.BorderWidth = 3;
            btn.BorderColor = Color.Blue;

So how can I make this code simpler?
Thank you in advance.



  • JohnHJohnH GBMember ✭✭✭✭✭

    Add all the buttons to a list and iterate the full list to set the border width to zero, then set the specific button as required?

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