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How to make condition when appearing data from sqlite database

klik84klik84 Member


I’m new with xamarin/development and I need some help when appearing data. I have two pages and two databases. In “DetailPage” I’m storing general informations (in database “GeneralInfo”) and showing LOG below which you can add (add button on “DetailPage”) by navigating to another page (“NewLogPage”) where you enter data for calculation and store it in another database (“DataLog”). Now my problem is when showing log on “DetalPage”, it’s showing all logs that were added. I would like to accomplished to show only logs that are in relationship with information added in “DetailPage”. Common information (field name) on both pages and databases is string “IthemType”.

On “DetailPage” I’m calling data from “GeneralInfo” database and for log “DataLog” database. An currently I doing this like this:

protected override async void OnAppearing()

        listView.ItemsSource = await App.Database.GetInfosAsync(); //GeneralInfo database
        listView.ItemsSource = await App.Database.GetNotesAsync(); //DataLog database

What do I need to do to make this happen?

Thanks in advance!



  • klik84klik84 Member

    Never mind I found the problem and it's working now! Thanks anyway


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