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Need to use an older version of Visual Studio?

louwholouwho USMember ✭✭✭

A few years ago, I used Visual Studio to create a cross platform application. I am trying to recreate it\update it in VS 2019. I admit to not being a full time developer (more of Installshield developer \ Release Engineer), and so this is a refresh for me. Anyway, the solution uses Skiasharp. I have updated VS 2019 to the latest version (16.5.4), which uses .Net Framework 4.8.03752. I am also using the latest version of Windows 10.

I started with a new blank solution and added Skisharp, and got the attached warning...

The SkiSharp nuget package has a dependency of NetFramework v4.5. So, is this saying that I cannot use SkiSharp in VS 2019? I am also not sure that this is the correct forum to ask this.

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