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App center distribute - your experience with in-app updates

robs23robs23 Member ✭✭

I have android app in which I implemented in-app updates through App Center. At the beginning, around a year ago, when I first implemented it, it seemed to work well. Few months ago, however, for no apparent reason it stopped updating the app. The message that there's new release pops up but when I tap update either nothing happens, or downloading progress bar shows up but it's unable to start. It'll loop all the time indicating that it's trying to set a connection or something, but it won't get any further no matter how long you'd leave it.. Tested on few phones on Android 7.0 and few on Android 9.0. App center updated to latest version, application is enabled to install unkown apps. I even turned Play Protect off, still nothing.

What are your experiences with App Center distribute modul? Did anyone manage to get it to work reliably?


  • robs23robs23 Member ✭✭

    As it seems no one uses App Center distribute, how do you e.g. distribute private (for example only for employees of company X) or distribute the app to test users?

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