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How to best bind a aar file, which has dependencies

Hello all
This is my first time developing an app using Xamarin, so forgive me if my questions seems dumb.
I'm developing an app for both Android and IOS, where we have started with focusing on the Android
implementation. The application is suppose to communicate with an external device made by a third party.
This third party only has native libraries, i .aar file for Android.

So at the moment, i have found out that i have to use binding, to integrate the library into my .net application.
But based on the documentation of the library, it also have 10 dependencies, which also needs to be implemented
into the application for it to work, and also needs to get android permissions to use it's api's. So my question is do i have to
make beings for all of the dependencies as well, or is there a smarter way to do it ?

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