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Show MenuItem with Tap

bublen1984bublen1984 Member
edited April 3 in Xamarin.Forms

I'm developing cross platform app with Xamarin Forms. I'm wondering if there's an easy way to show MenuItem in a listView with a single tap on a cell. Now of course, my MenuItem is displayed when user swipes to left, but I would like to show menu when user just tap on a cell. How can I do that? I tried to translate ViewCell but, even if translation works, nothing appears. Have I to make something custom? Maybe is it possible to "force" a left swipe when user taps on a cell? I tried to find some reference on web and documentation but found nothing

very easy code for MenuItem implementation

        <MenuItem Text="Delete" Clicked="DeleteElement" x:Name="menuItem"/>

code for ViewCell translation:

await viewCell.View.TranslateTo(-100, 0, 250, Easing.SinIn);

Thanks guys


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